Video by Brad Harris

Website: www.bhphoto.com.au; www.followtheclouds.com.au 

Instagram: @bhphoto.hobart

I live in Tasmania, a small island off the big island of Australia. I work from home in a converted tin shed overlooking the native forest. Also hanging out with me in the shed are my two schnauzers Otto and George. The boys and I enjoy a daily walk where we meet new dogs friends and their humans and I gather inspiration for new work.

My art practice explores the universal emotional bond between humans and canines that spans time and cultures. I work in sculpture as well as a variety of two-dimensional mediums and am constantly playing with new materials.

Check out my online shop where I sell ceramics, giftware and original art for dog lovers and lovers of dog lovers.

Penny X
Dogs are magic even when they’ve left this world and Penny has a way of capturing this that can’t be explained
Sarah O
Dog mum to Holly and Norah

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